A large collection of tractors  (many in running order) and ranging in age from the 1920’s to 1950’s.

Some of these are Allis-Chambers, Case, IHC Farmall, Ferguson, Field Marshall, Ford, Fordson, John Deere, 3 wheel Karl-Richter (German manufactured), Massey Harris, McCormick, Wallis Nuffield. Wealso have two market garden small tractors – a Fraser and a Gibson.

The collection of Crawlers include- Aveling Barford,  7 Caterpillars, a Fowler and a John Deere.

During our anual events such as Open Day and Bathurst show we have a fw tractors out the shed and being driven around for our visitors to see. Our favorite ones to use is the Field Marshal, John Deere Model R and our Fordson Major Diesel.


We have a few items under our transportation exhibit.

Firstly we have 3 trucks.

A “1946” 3 Ton Austin, a 4 Ton Dodge and a Thames that can be viewed at the Museum. (We are currently fixing up the old Dodge)

We have a variety of wagons, buggies, carts (2 wheeled- as it was used to load different things) to be viewed at the Museum as well. 

The “Spider” which is a 4 wheeler. (It has front and back seats- it can carry 4 to 6 people)



Amongst these implements we have ploughs, rippers, discs, cultivators, mowers, hay rakes, balers, thrashers, green feed, root cutters, mealie shellers and grinders as well as reapers and binders(all in working order) During different events and visits you are able to view some demonstrations with some of the items. A big hit is our mielie sheller and grinder as well as our baling demonstration. Please have a look on our Facebook page for images and Videos of the demonstrations.
Outside we have a beautiful windmill and an operational bucket pump pumping water from a well. This is known as a Bakkies Pomp and it was operated by animal power back in the day. We have a lovely demonstration video powered by a donkey to show how this water pump works. Our Museum has a lot of different and interesting things that one can actually see how it works. Have a peek next time you in the area.


Our Farming Equipment, there is a large variety of items here. These include sheep shearing equipment, wool presses, scales, fleece sorting table, farm tools, netting wire fence makers, carpentry tools. There is so much more to see. Have a stop and pop in at your next visit.


We have a variety of items under Dairy. We have a few butter churns, butter moulds, seperators and other items.


Under this exhibition we have a lovely camera section. Here we have a lovely variety of vintage cameras, video cameras, collection of old photographs. We even have an old stereoscopic viewer which you can use to view the photographs we have at the museum. There is a large variety of items under this exhibiton. To all the photography lovers out tere. Make sure you have a look when you visit our Museum. 


We have an amazing collection of stationary engines. We also have a Steam Engine run on compressed air and a suction Gas Engine. The Tangye which was used to pump 1 million gallons of water a day for irrigation.

Some of the makes  we have– Briggs & Stratton, Bamford, Blackstone, Corett-Williams, Crossley and Cuyler, Fairbanks Morse, Fuller and Johnson, Hamworthy, International, Iron Horse, John Deere, Lister, Massey Harris, Meitz and Wertz, Ruston, Wolsley and many more.

You would honestly have to make a trip to see it all. 


A huge collection of kitchen utensils can be found in this Museum. They are not only vintage but very different. We have a few items such as a peach/apple peeler, a raisin de-seeder, meat mincers, juice squeezers, coffee grinders, candle moulds, washing machines, mangles, scales, fridges, bathtubs and sewing machines. These are just a few of the many items we have in our Museum.